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The Wage Seeker module is used for registration of the households. The respective Gram Panchayat under the supervision of the Sarpanch (village head) carries out registration of the households at village level. A wage seeker and his family members can register under this scheme by submitting an application at the Gram Panchayat. A register maintained at the gram panchayat will be sent to the Mandal Computer Centre (MCC) for entry of the wage seeking household information. The MCC allocates a Jobcard ID that is an 18-digit identification number consisting of 14-digit habitation code (District, Assembly, Mandal, Gram Panchayat, Village and Habitation) and a 4-digit household running serial number. A Job card shall be generated for each household and handed over to the Gram Panchayat. The gram panchayat completes the job card by affixing the photograph of the household duly attesting the same and hands it over to the household. The diagram and the following flowchart represent the processes involved in a sequential order.