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CIRCULARS/GO'S/MEMOS pertaining to Persons with Disabilities

S No Circular/Memo/G.O/Order No Date/Descripton
1 1456
20-10-2010    Circular No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt:20.10.2010 MGNREGS AP inclusion of Persons with disabilities in the scheme Provisions for PwDs- formation of Vikalangula Srama Shakthi Sangham(VSSS) in every village- Reg   

06-01-2011    Cir.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt:06.01.2011 MGNREGS-AP- Allocation of works for persons with disabilities under the MGNREG Scheme   

26-02-2011    Cir.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt26.02.2011 MGNREGS- AP- Disability- Issuing of Job cards for Persons with Disability - issued guidelines - Reg   

12-10-2012    Circular.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt: 12.10.2012, MGNREGS-AP-Disability- Planning exercise for identification of feasible shelf in villages- for Persons with Disabilities- issued guidelines -Reg   

11-01-2013    Circular No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt:11.01.2013, MGNREGS-AP- Disability- Mate(Srama Mithra) Training modules for VSSS Mates - Reg   

20-10-2010    Translated copies from Telugu to English- Cir.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt: 20.10.2010, 24.11.2010, 06.01.2011, 26.02.2011, 25.02.2011 MGNREGS-AP- Disabilities - reg   

25-03-2011    Circular.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt: 25.03.2011 MGNREGS-AP- Disability- Allotment of works for Vikalangula Srama Shakthi Sanghams- eligible to do any type of work- Reg   

18-09-2012    Memo.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt:18.09.2012 MGNREGS-AP-Disability- Providing mate kits for all the mates of VSSS groups - issued guidelines -Reg   

12-10-2012    Circular No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2012, MGNREGS-AP-Disability- coverage of leftover Persons with Disabilities - formation of VSSS- reg   

24-11-2010    Cir.No.1456/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt:24.11.2013 guidelines issued for World Disabled Day Celebrations - 3rd December 2010 - Reg   

2 1688
30-12-2010    Translated Copies of Circular No.1688/EGS/PM(Dis)/APNA(Dis)/2010, dt:30.12.2010, MGNREGS-AP-Disability- AP NGOs Alliance (Disability)- NGOs worked for PwDs - issued guidelines- Reg   

21-11-2012    MGNREGS- AP- World Disabled Day Celebrations at Mandal Level with the participation of MVS, MMS, EGS & IKP functionaries, APNA and APNA Disability NGOs rep.- on 3.12.2012- guidelines issued- Reg.   

08-02-2011    Circular.No.1688/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt: formation of Vikalangula Srama Shakthi Sanghams(VSSS groups) with the APNA(Dis),NGOs in APNA NGO mandals- Reg   

03-03-2011    MGNREGS-AP- APNA(D)-APNA Disability NGOs- Formation of VSSS by CRP Team- Support - Training - Reg   

30-12-2010    Circular- No.1688/EGS/PM(Dis)/2010, Dt.30.12.2010, MGNREGS-AP- Disability_Formation fo AP NGOs alliance with working for PwDs -Reg   

07-05-2011    MGNREGS- Formation VSSS- Speed up activity- Additional guidelines for DWMA- Reg   

10-03-2013    MGNREGS-AP- APNA Disability- Formation and Training to VSSS by the APNA (Disability) NGOs in all the left over Gram Panchayaths- Reg   

28-11-2011    MGNREGS-AP- World Disabled Day- celebrations at Mandal Level- participation by the APNA, APNA Disability NGOs and MVS, MMS, IKP and EGS functionaries participation- Guidelines issued- Reg   

10-05-2013    MGNREGS-AP- Instructions for construction of Individual House Holds Latrines for the Persons with Disabilities under the MGNREGS in the AP state - Reg.   

3 020(1)
13-01-2012    MGNREGS-AP - Farmers Nurseries - Raising seedlings for bund plantation - Disabled farmers as beneficiaries - permission accorded - Reg.   

4 Lr.No.111
09-05-2012    MGNREGS-AP- Raising of seedlings for bund plantation - establishment of Farmer Nurseries in leased lands by Disabled(persons with Disabilities) farmers- Permission accorded- Reg   

5 Cir.No.007
08-01-2013    MGNREGS-AP- Farmer Nurseries - General Guidelines Issued- Reg   

6 Lr.No.2614
08-05-2013    MGNREGS-AP- Farmer Nurseries- establishment farmer nurseries with Disabled Farmers at Nalgonda District with Miscellaneous species - Reg   

7 Lr.No.741
13-11-2013    MGNREGS-AP- Raising of Teak Nurseries for 2014 season by farmers of Persons with Disabilities@10000 seedlings each- Reg   

8 Cir.No.395
30-03-2012    MGNREGS- AP- Reserving of certain works for Persons with Disabilities - Vikalangula Srama Shakthi Sanghams- Reg   

23-05-2013    MGNREGS-AP- revised guidelines for allotment of works for VSSS groups- Persons with Disabilities- Reg   

9 Cir.No.33
14-03-2014    MGNREGS-Works- Summer Allowances for SSS and VSSS groups for the year 2014   

10 Lr.No.83
13-01-2012    RD MGNREGS Raising of Tank Foreshore Babul Plantations Deployment of disable Job card people for raising compulsory - reg.   

11 Memo No 966
18-02-2013    MGNREGS Disability - Farmer Nurseries for Persons with Disabilities - issued orders -Reg   

12 Cir No. 1375
20-09-2010    MGNREGS-AP- Job Cards- Issuing of Jobcards to the Persons with Disabilities- Single Women, Single men and others - guidelines issued- Reg   

13 Cir No 1375
26-10-2010    MGNREGS-AP- Disability- Detailed Guidelines issued for Persons with Disabilities- Reg   

14 Cir No 1417
31-08-2010    MGNREGS- Disability- Guidelines issued for the payments through Smart Cards- in view of Persons with Disabilities - Reg   

15 GO Ms.No 146
24-04-2007    NREGS ¿ AP. and other developmental schemes ¿ Revision of Rural Standard Schedule of rates ¿ Orders ¿ Issued.   

16 Cir No 9
27-12-2010    MGNREGS - AP-work site facilities - Guidelines Issued -Reg   

10-07-2012    MGNREGS - AP- Formation of SSS Groups -Reorganisation of SSS Groups - Guidelines Issued -Reg   

17 Cir No 38
10-07-2012    MGNREGS -AP - Printing of Job Cards - Special Jobcards to PwDs -Reg   

18 Proc No 420
22-03-2012    MGNREGS-AP - SRDS - Guidelines for Employees of Persons With Disabilities working in EGS   

19 Cir No 1729
10-01-2012    MGNREGS-AP - Disability Coordinators - Facilities provided to District Coordinators of Disability - Reg   

20 Cir No 202
03-02-2012    MGNREGS- Disability - Piloting of Tools for PwD workers - Reg   

31-10-2012    MGNREGS - Disability - Piloting of tools and implements in One Mandal at Ananthapur District - reg   

21 Cir No,1292
26-06-2012    MGNREGS -AP Planning of works - General Circular- Included PwDs while Planning of Works -Reg (Telugu Version)   

22 Cir No,1292
26-06-2012    MGNREGS -AP Planning of works - General Circular- Included PwDs while Planning of Works -Reg (Telugu Version)   

23 Cir No 1292
26-06-2012    MGNREGS -AP Planning of works - General Circular- Included PwDs while Planning of Works -Reg   

24 Cir. No.1292
26-06-2012    MGNREGS -AP Planning of works - General Circular- Included PwDs while Planning of Works -Reg (Telugu Version)   

25 Memo No 1283
16-09-2013    MGNREGS-AP-APNA Disability- NGOs Alliance - Guidelines for TA and DA to the members while meetings   

26 Lr No 5061
18-03-2014    MGNREGS- Guidelines for payment to Leprosy cured wage seekers in Hayathnagar Mandal of Rangareddy District- Reg