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State Level Consolidated Reports
  Financial Year Month  
District Mandal Gram Panchayat Village
+ R1: EGS General Reports
+ R2: Reports to Government of India
+ R3: Performance Exception Reports
+ R4: Social Audit Reports
+ R5 (IR): ITDA Reports
+ R6: Horticulture Reports
+ R7: APNA Reports
+ R8: Chenchu/Yanadi Reports
+ R9: DCC Reports
+ R10: eFMS Reports
+ R11: eMMS Reports
+ R12: SSS/Vikalangula SSS Reports
+ R13: Works Reports
+ R14: Direct Benefit Transfer Reports
+ R15: Concurrent Social Audit Reports
+ R16: MGNREGS-AP Expenditure Details
+ R17: Quality Control Reports
+ R18: Constituency-wise Reports
+ R19: Good Governance Initiatives
+ R20: Disability Reports
+ R21: Demand and Allocation
+ R22: Indiramma Pachha Toranam
+ R23: Life Project
+ R24: MoRD-GIZ Project On Environmental Benefits
+ R25: MGNREGS Mobile Application
+ R26: CM DashBoard Reports
+ R27: Special Reports
+ R28: Geo MGNREGA Reports
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